• Christmas Songs: Which 4 Go on the Mountain?

    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Silent Night? Something more modern? Vote today!

  • Quarterbacks: Did We Get it Right?

    Keith Allison / Creative Commons

    Keith Allison / Creative Commons

    Montana. Brady. At least one guy named Manning. Who else? FIND OUT

  • The Mount Rushmore of Sitcoms

    i-love-lucyYou KNOW Lucy makes it. But which other shows are enshrined on the all-time sitcom mountaintop? Do you disagree with our choices? FIND OUT

  • These Guys Were Good at Hockey

    waynegretzkytoppsWe got Gretzky, of course. Who else? Do you have a favorite player who should be on that mountain? View and Vote

  • The Mount Rushmore of NASCAR Drivers

    Roger Blake/Creative Commons

    Roger Blake/Creative Commons

    Newly minted 7-time champ Jimmie Johnson joins Earnhardt and King Richard on the mountain. Who claims the fourth spot?


  • Who Would YOU Put on a Mountain?

    Welcome to our soft opening! We’re still under construction but we’re posting the first of our “Mount Rushmore” tributes. Pardon our mess while we’re still blasting the mountain. Keep checking back to see who’s on our top 4 of everything, from athletes to… well, something that starts with a Z.


Want to start a debate? Ask your buddies who the top 4 quarterbacks are. Of the top 4 sluggers. Or the top 4 boxers. Naming the Mount Rushmore of a sports category is a conversation starter. Or an argument starter. You pick.

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Arts & Entertainment

Who goes on the all-time Mount Rushmore of actors? Sitcoms? Movies? It's the stuff of many a happy hour debate, and you can help us settle these and more, once and for all. Or keep arguing. That's cool too.

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Who Ya' Got?

What are the criteria? Just the answer to one question: If you were going to put four people/places/things on a "Mount Rushmore," who or what would they be? You might base it on statistics, or some other factors. There's no single "right" answer and it's all, of course, subjective.

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All-Time NBA Players: Help Us Decide!

We're working on bunches of mountains! We've got some tough choices to make. For example, the NBA: We figure MJ and Lebron are a lock. But who gets the other two spots? Help us decide:

Poll: Click here