Endless Debates!

Ever have one of those arguments with a friend or a relative? "Who's the best quarterback/basketball player/actor/actress?" Or what's the best movie of all time? Best comedy?

We've all had those debates. And this exercise has been done on  a one-off basis on numerous blogs and websites. But unlike other blogs that have held a "Mount Rushmore" poll or discussion and then move on to something else, this is all we do!

Credit where it's due: The idea of a "Mount Rushmore of..." as far as we can tell is best attributed to sports writer Bill Simmons. We love the idea, so we're running with it.

We're establishing the initial Mount Rushmores in a variety of categories, then inviting you to weigh in. When we get a critical mass of critics suggesting it's time to change one, we'll throw it open to a vote. So, this becomes an interactive, ongoing shrine to the greatests of all time -- in whatever category you can think of.

It's the Top 4 of Everything

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